About Us:

We are a new company, but nowhere near new to the firearms industry. With literally decades of experience in the US and overseas firearm manufacturing processes, we know how to identify quality.

In fact, that’s our goal — to bring in durable and dependable products at an affordable price point.

What started with shotguns has exponentially expanded into optics, rifles, and pistols, with even more on the horizon.

We are brand ambassadors. We do the testing for you, the end-user while working with overseas manufacturers in bringing their products to the US. In turn, we are your point of contact should any problem arise, easing any hesitations you may have.

Look, we know the word “import” can hold a questionable meaning. Let’s be real, they aren’t all created equal.

And that’s why we are different. We hand pick the brands and products we bring to market – constantly evaluating for quality and dependability.

In fact, we turn down 90% of the products out for consideration. We can confidently do this because we actually visit every manufacturer of the products we import. And if they can’t produce quality consistently then they’re out of the running.

To see to this, we employ a full-time inspector overseas that ensures every product is meeting those standards. Plus, once the product arrives at our US facility we inspect it again.

We want to change the meaning of import firearms. There are many quality products around the world, and we aim to bring them to you.